Solar Hot Water Geelong

Servicing Geelong, Leopold, Torquay, Lorne, Colac and surrounding areas

Adrian Napoli and Daryl Usher run a very professional and well managed solar business for Geelong businesses and residents.

After 10 years of owning a hot water plumbing business in the same area, Adrian and Daryl wanted to add solar hot water systems to its reliable and customer focused plumbing service.

Adrian said,“We provide expert and speedy solutions to all types of plumbing including solar hot water repairs.

“With the addition of the EcoSmart solar hot water range, we offer our customers a wide selection of hot water systems. We treat the EcoSmart solar range as the ultimate product for our customers since it has become the way of the future,” added Adrian.

EcoSmart Geelong provides the full range of EcoSmart products at an affordable price with professional service. With over 10 year’s experience, Adrian and Daryl not only rely on their trustworthy business partnership, but also on their highly skilled team.

Great mates, Adrian and Daryl’s reputation in the industry is a result of maintaining a high level of proficiency and offering customers a one stop shop solution.

EcoSmart Solar Geelong customers can feel welcomed when enquiring electrical and energy consumption management and effective preventative maintenance. Adrian and Daryl are EcoSmart’s leading dealers for any advice that gets thrown to them.

Adrian likes to consult customers by telling them how it is, fair and simple. He said, “Installing an EcoSmart hot water system for your hot water needs, will have a huge impact on your water heating energy use. It's one of the best things you can do to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and beat rising energy costs.”

When the pair is not at the dealership, they enjoy fishing with friends on the on the sandy shores of Port Phillip Bay.

Solar Hot Water Geelong
Meet Adrian Napoli and Daryl Usher, EcoSmart Geelong
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