Intelligent Hybrid

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Intelligent Hybrid™ Solar is a new revolution in gas assisted solar water heating. Combining the top performing solar hot water system with an ultra efficient, on-demand gas backup.

The Intelligent Hybrid™ delivers a constant stream of mains pressure hot water* with zero water wastage or energy losses on startup. It has low mega-joule gas consumption, while being able to maintain unparalleled solar efficiency and hot water delivery.

System Running cost
(per annum)
Greenhouse gas emissions
(tonnes per annum)
EcoSmart Gas Boosted Solar $36 0.20
3 Star Gas Storage (NG) $340 1.25
  • Continuous mains pressure hot water on demand
  • Intelligent patented Hotlogic® controller optimises lowest cost energy supply
  • Patented solar management system protects the system from overheating in summer and provides frost protection in winter
  • Low mega-joule consumption burner
  • Zero water wastage duringstart-up cycle
  • High efficiency polyurethane insulated storage tank


Tank size and model Collectors 1 2 3 4
315L - EN15DT2DC 2 38 42 35 30
315L - EN15DT3DC 3 44 45 44 38
315L - EL15DT2DC 2 38 42 35 30
315L - EL15DT3DC 3 44 45 44 38

Calculations are based on EcoSmart 2AP style collector. STC calculations for gas boosted units are based on Continuous Tariff. STC values are subject to change without notice and are correct at time of printing.

Ecosmart-tempering-valueDid you know?

As a guarantee of performance all EcoSmart solar water heaters are supplied with a genuine Reliance brand EcoSmart solar tempering valve. These valves have been adjusted to EcoSmart specification to ensure maximum hot water delivery.

Why EcoSmart?

When you add up the benefits, installing an EcoSmart Hot Water system really is the smart choice for savings and energy efficiency.

  • Superior efficiency
  • High STC values
  • Rebates taken care of
  • Environmentally friendly