Solar Collector

Solar Hot Water Collectors

As an integral component of the Invincible™ EcoSmart Solar Hot Water system, the EcoSmart Flat Plate Collectors are highly efficient and built to last. As a result, this helps EcoSmart have one of the highest STCs against comparable systems.

Solar Hot Water Collectors

System Weight on Roof
(kg over 2m2)
Glass Thickness

EcoSmart 2 panel
Split System

87 3.2

330L Roof
Mounted System

450 3.2
  • 3.2mm toughened glass provides peace of mind in a hail storm
  • Super absorbent selective surface effortlessly converts the suns energy to hot water
  • Prismatic glass reduces energy loss through reflection
  • “Never Rust” extruded aluminium frame that is built to last
  • 40mm thick glass wool insulation ensures absorbed energy is not lost
  • Oversize solid brass connections create a rigid water tight system
  • 7 year panel warranty protects your investment

Ecosmart Built ToughBuilt tough to serve you longer

Not only are EcoSmart panels the most efficient standard panel on the market, they are also built to last. Our panels are manufactured to a standard which ensures a 7 year protection..

  • Extruded aluminimum frame
  • 3.2mm toughened glass
  • No plastic components anywhere
  • 7 year collector panel warranty

EcoSmart Flat Plate Panels Vs Evacuated Tubes

The EcoSmart Flat Plate Collector operates with high efficiency, in normal ambient air conditions, when used for its intended purpose of heating domestic hot water to 60 - 70°C.

Evacuated tubes are more efficient when used to heat water for commercial activities such as steam generation or industrial process heating.

EcoSmart Flat Plate Collectors are most efficient when the difference between the desired water temperature and the surrounding air temperature is up to 40°C. This heating differential is typical for Australia’s year round sunny climate.

Due to this natural advantage, flat plate collectors are able to capture solar gain more efficiently in our Australian climate.

As a result EcoSmart systems with flat plate collectors earn more STCs when compared to evacuated tube systems.

EcoSmart Flat Plate Panels Vs Evacuated Tubes

Why EcoSmart?

When you add up the benefits, installing an EcoSmart Hot Water system really is the smart choice for savings and energy efficiency.

  • Superior efficiency
  • High STC values
  • Rebates taken care of
  • Environmentally friendly