Green energy

Running a solar hot water system is environmentally friendly. The Greenhouse Effect is the most pressing ecological problem facing our planet. It's an issue that's particularly close to home as Australia is the world's worst polluter of greenhouse gas on a per capita basis.

One of the most cost effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to minimise our consumption of fossil fuel generated energy.

A clean, green energy source is solar and a solar hot water system is the perfect alternative for your hot water solution.

The figures speak for themselves. The average home using an electric hot water heater produces just under eight tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. A similar home using an EcoSmart™ system produces over 60% less!

Nothing is more Australian than sunshine, so it's no surprise that our climate is ideally suited to solar hot water. Melbourne, for example, has 15% more solar gain than sunny Barcelona in Spain, where solar hot water systems are widely used.

The environment your children and grandchildren inherit is in your hands.

An EcoSmart™ system is one of the greenest appliances your home will ever have... think of it as a small investment in the future of our planet.
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