Roof Mounted

Electric or Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Ideal for replacing an existing roof mounted system or when there is no space on the ground for a tank. Australian made EcoSmart® roof mounted solar hotwater systems with electric boost effortlessly capture The Sun’s energy, store its heat and boost the water temperature when needed.

Roof mounted solar hot water

System Running cost
(per annum)
Greenhouse gas emissions
(tonnes per annum)
330L Roof Mounted 2 Panel System Off Peak $131 1.94
Standard Electric Off Peak $388 5.74
  • Traditional type solar hot water system with the tank also on the roof
  • Stainless steel tank for lighter lifting on the roof
  • High density polyurethane insulation
  • Very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance
  • Improved running efficiency and reduced heat loss
  • No storage tank on ground level makes it ideal for homes with a limited yard space


Tank size and model Collectors 1 2 3 4
EB 180L - E1F124W1CR 1 19 20 19 17
EB 330L - E3F124W2CR 2 40 43 39 34

Calculations are based on EcoSmart 2AP style collector. STC calculations for gas boosted units are based on
Continuous Tariff. STC values are subject to change without notice and are correct at time of printing.

Why EcoSmart?

When you add up the benefits, installing an EcoSmart Hot Water system really is the smart choice for savings and energy efficiency.

  • Superior efficiency
  • High STC values
  • Rebates taken care of
  • Environmentally friendly