Solar Heat Pump

Solar heat pump hot waterCompact Heat Pump Hot Water

If you want the benefits of solar but without the roof panels then a heat pump hot water system could be for you. Australian owned EcoSmart® Solar Heat Pump hot water systems effortlessly capture latent heat energy abundant in the air and transfer that heat energy to a storage tank.

You’ll cut your energy bills and help save the environment.

System Running cost
(per annum)
Greenhouse gas emissions
(tonnes per annum)
EcoSmart Solar Heat Pump $208 1.61
Standard Electric Off Peak $388 5.74
  • Fourth generation ventilated louver Heat Pump - improved hot water recovery time
  • Patented Hotlogic® controller scans the system continuously to ensure optimum energy and efficiency to suit weather conditions and usage
  • No back up element required due to increased energy efficiency
  • Centrally immersed condenser heats water more efficiently
  • Unique de-icing cycle automatically operates for increased energy efficiency at low temperatures
  • Increased hot water delivery due to new inlet diffusion technology
  • Quiet operation operates at a lower sound level than comparable heat pumps

STC Zone Map - Heat Pump

Tank size and model 1 2 3 4 5
250L - E2FHG4HW0C 22 21 26 27 27

Calculations are based on EcoSmart 2AP style collector. STC calculations for gas boosted units are based on Continuous Tariff. STC values are subject to change without notice and are correct at April 2013.

Ecosmart Most Awarded Heat PumpWhat makes the EcoSmart Heat Pump the Industry’s most awarded heat pump?

The EcoSmart patented Heat Transfer Technology (HTT) is unlike other heat pump models in the market, EcoSmart’s heat exchange coil is directly immersed within the water.

This unique technology reduces heat loss and improves heat transfer - no wonder the EcoSmart system is the most efficient compact domestic heat pump. It has one of the highest STC values when compared against comparable systems!

The science behind heat pumps

The principle is very similar to the operation of a refrigerator, but in reverse. There is latent heat energy in the air and this is transferred to the heating system.

The heat pump system contains extremely cold liquid refrigerant, which travels through a copper pipe. The air passing through this evaporator contains latent heat which is absorbed by the refrigerant. A compressor then pulls the refrigerant inside where it is naturally compressed.

As the pressure rises, the temperature increases. From here the refrigerant travels to the condenser, where the heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the water tank.

Energy and cost saving solutions

Heat Pump hot water systems produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than electric storage systems.

Once your EcoSmart™ hot water system is installed you may be eligible for government incentives. This may make EcoSmart an even more cost effective option.

And here's the good news, and EcoSmart™ hot water system can provide up to 70% annual savings* on your water heating costs*. Your EcoSmart™ system will pay for itself in no time.

*Dependent on model and location.