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Bet you did not think of an Island off Australia’s East coast would sell solar hot water products? Well you have been mistaken because for 4 years Andrew Barnett has been supplying the EcoSmart range to all Norfolk Island residents.

After a customer was enquiring about solar systems, Andrew realised that there was great potential for EcoSmart Hot Water to distribute on the relatively small yet beautiful Island. His 25 years plumbing experience gave Andrew the confidence in adding the EcoSmart range to his business.

With just under 2,000 people living on the small island in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, Andrew says that plumbing on Norfolk is very diverse which allowed him to undergo research and development in solar technology.

With no large-scale internal bodies of water but 32 km of gorgeous coastline, Andrew chose to sell, install and repair EcoSmart hot water systems because of its excellent reputation, brand reliability and product efficiency. These three aspects were very important due to the Island’s limited supplies compared to a large city like Sydney.

“EcoSmart offers a great product and also has the advantage of having a large selection of products, which enables me to give the customer the best product to suit their application. EcoSmart have a fantastic support network which makes running a business on a small island manageable,” said Andrew.

Locals are welcomed by Andrew with all aspects of the plumbing trade including gas fitting, drain laying, heat pumps and solar hot water. His team of 4 undergo commercial and residential projects by supplying a prompt efficient service. Andrew believes that EcoSmart Hot Water is a top quality Australian brand which assists his excellent customer service.

A Norfolk local for 16 years, Andrew does not shy away from learning and continuously mentoring his team. Andrew and his employees attend regular EcoSmart training courses that enable them to familiarise and become solar experts.

Showing an impressive portfolio of recently completed solar projects, Andrew is proud of being responsible in getting the important environmental messages about solar technology out to Norfolk businesses and homeowners.

“Word of mouth is a huge thing on Norfolk and by supplying a top quality product like EcoSmart it has travelled around the town fast,” said Andrew.

Andrew has made many commercial properties save thousands on their monthly electricity bills including the recently designed and installed solar system for the South Pacific Hotel saving up to $8,000 per month, and building a solar bank for the Colonial Hotel which has saved his client over $4,000 per month.

Commenting on the recently completed large projects, Andrew said “having completed these systems&

Solar Hot Water Norfolk
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