Solar Hot Water Far South Coast

Servicing Moruya, Bega, Narooma, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas

A Business savvy woman, Sue McPhan has been the owner of South Coast Insulation and Solar for 10 years and is well known in the area.

She was approached by EcoSmart Hot Water in 2006 to be the South Coast agent, and Sue accepted, in the belief that it would be a great extension to well established insulation business.

Offering the EcoSmart range from Milton to the Victorian border, Sue said, “EcoSmart has given my business the opportunity to change direction and expand. Solar and insulation complement each other very well and this has made us approach the industry in a much more fluid way”.

The dealership offers product and material supplies from the EcoSmart range, as well as a trade and professional insulation service. Sue’s business is a prime example of a successful business operating in the environmental sector.

Sue believes that having an environmental initiative as part of the overall business strategy shows a step towards insulating her local rural community from the impact of climate change.

Although environmental factors play a pivotal role to the success of the business, Sue also comments on the excellent customer service and the loyal reputation of the EcoSmart brand, which has also made her business shift and thrive.

She added, “Here at South Coast Insulation and Solar we are confident that our approach to customer service will be pleasant. We like to ensure that our customer’s new investment in solar hot water will run smoothly from the first call”.

EcoSmart is proud to have Sue and her team raise environmental awareness and educate communities about the benefits of solar to the lesser known areas of the far South Coast of New South Wales.

Solar Hot Water Far South Coast
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