solar hot water Bega

Solar Hot Water Bega

If you live in Bega, NSW, you likely already appreciate the beautiful natural environment and might be looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Many Australian homes unfortunately continue to damage our beautiful country and world by relying on artificial energy to power their homes, generated at a cost to our environment.

There is an affordable alternative and Ecosmart can provide solar hot water in Bega. By using solar to power your hot water system in Bega, you’re helping your local environment and ultimately your wallet, as you reduce your need for expensive artificial energy.

Installing solar water heating systems in Bega is easy when you call Ecosmart Solar because we have a local, licensed, qualified and insured dealer with expert advice already operating in your region.

Doug and Sue McPhan have been successfully running a local family owned and operated insulation business for the last ten years and have been EcoSmart Solar dealers since 2006.

With access to a national network of innovative and quality solar products in addition to extensive local knowledge and a customer service focused business, call Sue and Doug today if you want a professional, stress free solar experience.

They also have a comprehensive understanding of solar hot water rebate options, which means you can be confident of a quality and affordable solar installation that’s not just an investment into your home but the environment as well.

If you would like any more information on your solar needs, simply call Sue or Doug today and start enjoying the financial and environmental benefits of smart solar.

Ecosmart is your local solar hot water supplier in Bega, New South Wales.