EcoSmart Competition Winner - Real Living Magazine

Lucky local resident from Virginia, Queensland, Ms Meegan Barratt and her family, have been named the winners of the Real Living Magazine EcoSmart Solar giveaway, scoring a brand new EcoSmart Solar Heat Pump valued at $4,500.

Readers had the chance to win the system by describing in 25 words or less, what they love about Real Living Magazine, and Meegan’s creative poem was an instant stand out amongst entries.

Meegan said, “It came as a total surprise. As a first time competition entrant, I never thought I would win. I am an advocate for the use of cleaner energy and switching to solar is something that has always interested me, so when I saw the system up for grabs in the magazine I thought, ‘what a fantastic opportunity.’”

An exciting win for Meegan, she said she is looking forward to replacing her old electric hot water system at home and reaping the significant cost saving benefits of the EcoSmart Solar Heat Pump.

She added, “It is such a fantastic upgrade and really a dream come true. I can’t wait to see the reduction in my next energy bill. My heart is also in sustainability. Water and energy saving is a priority in the home, so upgrading to a hot water system that also helps out the environment is a huge bonus.”

For the Barratt family, recycling, keeping wastage at a minimum and reducing water usage takes precedence in their home.

Meegan continued, “It’s all about focussing on better ways in which households can reduce their carbon footprint and changing habits at the personal level. Cutting down on aerosol use, reducing the time spent driving cars and being aware of how much water and energy we are using will be a huge step towards a greener future.

“As a mother and a high school teacher, I also know how crucial is to set a good example for the next generation. Taking the time to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and educating children about sustainability can have huge impact on their behaviour and how they choose to live in the future,” she concluded.

Congratulations to Meegan and the Barratt family on the win and well done on being such great environmental advocates!