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Business owner of EcoSmart Central Victoria, Ms Jill Barker, expanded her existing solar business by teaming up with EcoSmart in 2006. Having been in the solar industry for many years, Jill has seen the solar hot water system trend grow from its humble beginnings to its popular demand today.

The experienced business woman found her passion for solar during her role as manager in business administration for a solar company in Bendigo. Jill’s enthusiasm for solar hot water brought her to the extent of opening her own solar retail operation in 2004.

Jill has witnessed the growth in behavioral changes towards solar technology and looks forward to the increase in sales as more people become aware of its significance to the environment.

“The solar industry is very positive both on a business level for myself and for sustainability in the near future, there is no way that it will fade and cannot be ignored. It’s our way of life now,” said Jill.

EcoSmart Central Victoria is unique in that it is not run by a plumber or electrician but by a woman with a wealth of knowledge and business pizzazz in solar technology. Jill’s ability to advise and construct the most practical and suitable solar hot water product for each individual customer has given her business the success of more than 300 clients each year.

Commenting on this, Jill said, “When I show up for a job, many customers expect a plumber who are usually men. It’s sometimes hard for me to convince them that I will be the one giving solar advice and the one that runs the show!

“I think it’s really important that we keep the technical side of solar water heaters separate from the consultation phase, in order to attain the best customer service possible. Many of my customers have commented that they feel a lot more confident when choosing the right solar product as they are not bombarded with information in one sitting,” she said.

Jill has a strong philosophy in believing in the products she sells and knowing it will service the customer well.  “We know our job. We consistently give our customers the right advice and take pride in every job that we complete”, she said.

As a Past President for the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat and a member of the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise, Jill has got a lot on her plate but likes to spend time with her family and her four grandchildren when she is not running her own business or helping out at others.

Solar Hot Water Bendigo
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