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Servicing Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Coogee, Bankstown, Sans Souci

In early 2004, the EcoSmart head office realised there was a gap in the market and decided to create a business channel direct to consumers. In 2006, Con Jamos was approached to set up the new EcoSmart Sydney dealership.

Since then, Con has demonstrated a well managed EcoSmart Sydney dealership with exceptional customer service. With 20 staff on deck, the business only supplies solar hot water, and gives customers ample amounts of knowledge specifically about the current solar rebates on offer.

A large proportion of homeowners are unaware of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and the role they play in the purchase and installation of an environmental water heater, according to EcoSmart Hot Water.

Con says that he receives many phone calls from confused homeowners who are unaware of the existence of STCs and do not understand how it relates to solar hot water heaters.

“STCs play an important role in comparing the efficiency of different water heaters. The amount of energy an environmental hot water system saves, will determine how many certificates are assigned to the system. Depending on the solar hot water system chosen, this will have different effects on the homeowner’s energy consumption, and the amount of money awarded back to the homeowner,” said Con.

Con decided to work with EcoSmart Solar because of its historical family partnership and its relationship with Australian people.

“The only way is up. With such vast experience, innovative ideas and with a name you could trust, I was definitely on a winner” said Con.

EcoSmart Sydney is part of the EcoSmart Solar’s network around Australia. Con serves the metropolitan area of Sydney in New South Wales.

Believing in the integrity of his business, EcoSmart Sydney, Con believes that it’s the excellent customer service after sales support that sets the benchmark of his business with customers.

He continued, “We believe we have the rights to sell the only real Australian manufactured and owned solar hot water product, which is by far the premium product, in its class, on the market.

"I believe in the EcoSmart Solar product and I believe that it is the best” he added.

In his spare time, Con is the most happiest when he is at home with his two children or watching them play sport on Saturday mornings. He is also fond of tennis, golf and cricket, and enjoys entertaining friends.

Solar Hot Water Sydney - Sutherland
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